London for Bernie 2nd Organizing Meeting – Friday, June 7th

Our second organizing meeting will take place on Friday, June 7th from 7 PM, at the Sports Bar & Grill – Marylebone, Marylebone Station, Melcombe Pl, NW1 6JJ London.  If you want to help elect Bernie Sanders the next President of the United States – please join us!

Please RSVP here.

Pictured: Our first meeting, on March 7th.  Over 60 people participated.

On our agenda: Taking the next practical steps to ensuring that Bernie Sanders wins the Global Presidential Primary in 2020 — and is elected the next President of the United States.

We will be getting our various groups up and running, dealing with such things as organizing in the regions, doing outreach, social media, and so on.

We’ll also introduce you to the online tools we already have available for our work here in the UK — and we’ll want people to come forward to volunteer to help with all of these, including our Facebook page, our website, our mailing list and our brand new Slack.

We’ll also have a discussion about how we make the case for Bernie — and how we answer questions people ask, even the most challenging ones, without negative campaigning.

We need to have that conversation among ourselves first, to clarify our thinking as a group and to sharpen our skills as we try to convince others. This is especially important in light of upcoming events in the weeks that follow our meeting.


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